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Where to get more plant babies

"I have enough plants" -said no plant parent ever.


These days, there are plenty of places to buy new plant babies, but what shop is right for you? There are things to consider with every purchase:

  • What are you looking for? Some rare and exotic plants can be found online, and are elusive to find locally; but before you drop all that $$$$ on a rare plant consider that you won't actually see or be able to inspect the item that you will be getting in most cases.

  • Some international nurseries offer rare or interesting plants for a great deal, consider that there will be a customs check for these packages. All living things (plants included) go through customs upon arrival in the country. So if the correct certification is an additional fee or takes an extra step to get, it is probably a good idea to pay for that or take the time to get it. Some states (especially California) will not allow some plants from out of state without the correct certification, let alone items from out of the country- so if you are going to spend the money to have your plant shipped from somewhere like Thailand, also ensure the certification is there. Otherwise, your plant might not arrive or could be severely delayed.

  • For international growers, also consider the long journey. Most plants shipped internationally are not overnighted. usually, there is a 3-6 day transit time or longer. This can cause damage or wilting especially if the order is delayed 

  • Local is always best if they have what you are looking for! But I am no stranger to online ordering.  It has been great since I moved to the DMV and don't have a car (try going to a nursery and bringing more than 2 plants home on the bus) There are some great options out there!  (Always consider the sustainability aspect if you are a new plant parent and want to order a rare or hard to care for plant though).

  • Check out my blog posts on this topic, with comments and reviews where applicable! 
    *I'm not paid or sponsored by any of these sites or companies, I just want to make sure everyone knows the best place to get plants! 

    New Plant Parent:

  • If you are new to plants, I recommend stopping by a local nursery first. Go in, look around, ask questions, and find something you like. Even Home Depot & Lowes can have great plant options, and Ace Hardware & Trader Joes also usually have affordable options. 

  • The House Plant shop

  • Amazon

  • Rootin

  • American Plant Exchange

    For Gifting or getting fancy: 

  • UrbanStems

  • The Sill

  • Bloomscape

  • Leon & George

  • Lively Root

  • Uncommon Goods

  • Lula's Garden



  • House Plant Box

  • The Sill

  • Leaf & Clay

  • Succulent Studios

  • Horti

    Intermediate Plant parent

  • Gabriella Plants 

  • Bros with Hoes

  • Pistils

    Interesting, Usual & Rare

  • Urban Sprouts

  • Steve's Leaves

  • NSE Tropicals

  • EdenCPs

  • Trofolia

  • New Life Tropicals 


  • Glasshouse Works

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