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Want to gift some plants? Here are the best places online to search for the perfect green gift.

For Gifting or convenience; these are some great options if you want to send a plant baby to someone you love, or if you want to purchase a display-ready house or office plant:

  • UrbanStems: Okay, I'm biased, I work here and I LOVE IT. But really, we do offer some great modern options for gifting plants. All of our plants come in the pot pictured and arrived carefully packaged. We offer same & next day delivery in parts of NYC, Brooklyn, and the DMV, with our local couriers, and we ship to other locations in the lower 48 states, usually, next day. We give you the option to choose a delivery date, which, (barring any issues with FedEx), will arrive on time, so it is great for birthdays and other special dates! We also offer fresh cut flowers and dried bouquets- so we kinda have something for everyone.

  • The Sill: The Sill seems to do great, they are affordable and offer simple potted plants that can be gifted or bought for yourself. This is also a great option for new plant parents looking to buy plants that will arrive with pots. For most of their plants, you can choose the pot style and color, so you can do a lot of customization for your order. They also offer a membership option, as well as plant subscriptions, which can ease you into having a plant collection. Oh! They also offer faux plants, which is great if you have a black thumb and still want to green up your space.

  • Bloomscape: This site is personally just not what I am looking for, I like to choose my own plant and pot, but I do love that they offer "propagation kits" that are cute (I don't know if I would call it a "kit" though). I know a lot of people who buy plants for themselves here, they offer a similar option to The Sill where you can choose your own colorway for the pot, and unlike other sites, their pots do come with drainage. They also offer a lot of plant options, add-ons, and extras that you might like if you are looking to start your own plantastic adventure or gift all the right tools to someone else. I will say if you are looking to gift or buy a reported floor plant, it's probably your best bet. If I were to buy from Bloomscape, I would probably say the grow-how kit is the best deal, and the best option for new plant parents.

  • Leon & George: This is the best option if you want to send a plant to Alaska or Hawaii, or even a European country... but unlike Bloomscape they do not offer their large floor plants outside of their San Fransisco area. They offer similar plants to the other sites, and you can generally choose between 2 pots for your order.

Here is a great review from Business Insider comparing all 3 (The Sill, Bloomscape & Leon & George) if you aren't sure what is best for you! None of these 3 options has the option to choose your delivery date, but they do say they should arrive about 3-7 days after ordering.

  • Lively Root​: This is another site that is great for gifting or a self-send. I love that you have the option to send the plant in a decorative pot or nursery pot, it's like you can dress it up if it's a gift or order without if you found the perfect pot somewhere else. They also offer bundles, floor plants, in a variety of planters which are great gifts. I personally haven't had a reason to order from here yet, but 100% my favorite thing offered is their pineapple plant with fruit... come on, that is the perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Uncommon Goods: This is a great site to find all kinds of gift options and ideas from different sites or stores. They actually have a section that just shows options for plant-related gifts, which is awesome. I did actually buy the cocktail grow kit from this site for a gift a few years ago, but I had it delivered to my home and then included it in a bundled gift that I put together, so I'm not sure how these sites go about gift packaging. I do know that this bottle stopper garden kit is perfect for anyone who likes wine and little green things.

  • Lula's Garden is another unexpected option for plant gifting. Offering succulents in boxes that double as planters, the company also supports organizations that work to provide access to safe water to those who need it.

  • is actually great for gifting. They offer free delivery with orders over $75.00, and next day express shipping or Saturday delivery for an additional charge if that's what you are looking for! They offer a wide range of plants, including orchids, flowering plants, bonsai, hanging plants, herbs, and floor plants!

  • FarmGirl Flowers: Another flower company that specializes in gifting. I like to think of this company as a kind of west cost alternative for flower gifting, they also offer some super cool plants. You can choose the date here also! They also have fresh flowers, if UrbanStems doesn't have what you are looking for ;)

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