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It has been a minute.

A warm HOWDOYADO and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone who sees this!

I have been MIA for a few weeks... errr I think maybe 2 months. I started this blog with no intention to include sponsors or feature products I am paid to promote so that you are just getting 100% good (well, in my opinion) advice and tips that I also live by. This means that I can only give this site attention when I have the extra time, unfortunately. I work for a small eCommerce startup (that I LOVE) that has been extremely busy these days, so when my days are jam-packed with work, I don't always get around to posting when I'd like. I'm a one-man (well, woman) operation here, and this site design, site maintenance, (most of) the photos, and all of the posts are done by me and me alone! I'm also the proud and loving single parent (LOL) of over 100 houseplants and despite being immobile, they can be quite a handful (as I'm sure plenty of you can understand). With these things and the holidays keeping me busy, I have failed at keeping this little endeavor up to date with fresh content. With apologies, I am trying to keep the faith in me alive as I promise to continue posting, however infrequently that may be. I'd also like to give a fair warning that working for a small floral gifting company, you probably won't see an abundance of updates here between now and February, as Valentine's day is kind of our Super Bowl, and it keeps us all busy as can be! That being said, I understand how lucky I am to be able to have a job right now and any time at all to dedicate to this little passion project of mine. I appreciate what a weird year this has been and I'm happy if I have even been able to help one plant parent with something this year, even though my posts have been few (and sometimes far) between. I'll keep it growing, I hope you will continue to grow with me! :D

If you feel inclined, you can donate here to help contribute to site expenses. I know times are tough right now, so this is not necessary, but it is extremely appreciated.

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