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What's the deal with plant parenting today...

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

And why does it have to be so difficult to find resources and answers to questions?

I feel like you can search all day and still not be sure about what to do with a new plant that's having a rough time. We all want to be the best plant parent and no one wants to ask a stupid question... but there are no stupid questions! Lets be honest, somewhere in our plant journey we have all gotten a pest, made a mistake, and killed a plant or two (SAD BUT THAT'S HOW WE LEARN!) We all might be at different stages in our plant parenting journey but how much you know about care and cultivation all depends on how much you want to learn. The best way to learn is from each other. So I'm going to post stuff and make recommendations and even have opinions, but these will all just be from my experiences, I am not a formally educated agriculturalist, horticulturalist, botanist, or scientist, or any other kind of "professional", I am self taught, and I am always psyched to learn more. Please, if you see incorrect information, or notice I'm not 100% on something, let me know! My goal here is to have a great site to stop at for accurate, easy to understand information. After all, the more people who know the right way to care for their plants, the fewer dead plants there will be out there *SHRUG*.

If you are just starting out, (or just like this kind of idea) the greatest source for easy to understand information is Darryl Cheng, author of "The New Plant Parent" and the Houseplant Journal blog, I highly recommend both and you will no doubt see a lot of references to his stuff here. If you've never heard of him before go check him out now! Go go go!

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